Who needs male enhancement pills

A lot of men wonder if they need some form of sexual enhancement medicine in order to stimulate their sex life. But how much of them actually need to take pills? The best answer to this question could be given to you by a medical specialist in the field of sexual dysfunction problems. He will make the required examinations to determine if your problem is physical or psychological. A sexual therapist can further help you and your partner overcome the troubles, which create you sexual discomfort if the problem is psychological.

The male enhancement pills could solve some of the sexual problems one has, but this doesn't mean they are magical pills, which will make you the best lover in the world. Here are the groups of men to which these pills could help:

  • Men with low testosterone and libido
  • Unable to sustain erection for longer period of time
  • Those willing to enlarge their penis size
  • Not confident and stressed during sex
  • Men with decreased blood flow to the penis
  • Frequent premature ejaculation troubles
  • Unable to achieve strong orgasms
  • Low semen volume and sperm count

The above groups of men will be benefited by taking male enhancement pills. If you belong to one or more of these groups and have decided to try some sex enhancing pills, there are three very important things you should do before buying such product:

  • Check the brand of the pills - the top quality penis products don't have any side effects. However, there are many products sold on the Internet, which are not recommended by the FDA, because they contain potentially harmful ingredients for men suffering from certain heart diseases.
  • Check the testimonials - always read what the people say about a product, which you want to buy. If it's a good and trusted product, the people would leave positive feedback and you won't buy some scam penis pills.
  • Check for money back guarantee - the pills we recommend here for example come with a 100% guarantee on your money. If you are not satisfied with the product, you will receive your money back. Of course this is often not the case, when one buys from untrusted merchants.

The world is full of men wanting to try sexual enhancement products, although not all of them really need it. The Internet is also full of places that sell such products. Be sure to always buy the best pills. A man's willy deserves it.

Top 3 penis enlargement tablets

A lot of men are interested what are the top 3 penis enlargement pills. We have selected 10 from the most popular male enhancement tablets and we measured their quality in a study for period of 6 months. The things in which we compared them were the following: penis length growth, girth gained, ability to sustain erection for longer period of time, semen volume increase, ejaculation control ability, increase in the libido and sexual desire, increase in the testosterone, shooting power and ejaculation distance, strengthening of the orgasm. You can see the conclusion from the study below.

#1 penis pills - ProSolution

ProSolution pills are the winner and we recommend them to all men, who want the fastest and best penis enlargement effect. These pills also have great influence over one's libido and sexual performance. The men who took ProSolution during our study shared that they experienced stronger orgasms and were able to control their ejaculation better.

#2 - VigRx

VigRx pills are very close to the first place. They give great penis growth and the participants in the study shared that their erections felt really strong. They could sustain erection for longer time and their shooting power was improved. VigRx is really a top 3 penis enlargement product.

#3 - NeoSize

NeoSize XL pills give very good penis length and girth growth. They also help men to have more semen volume and testosterone. You will feel more powerful and have more desire for sex. NeoSize XL are herbal tablets with incredible potential to enhance the male sexual abilities.

Penis enlargement plastic surgery

A lot of men wanting to enjoy better sex seek ways for successful penis enlargement. The cosmetic surgical augmentation is very popular in the United States, but it is only recommended in very limited cases like micropenis, some trauma or fracture, penile cancer, Peyronie's disease or other rare abnormalities. The American Urological Association is against all kind of surgical procedures, which are intended to increase the normal penis size. The reason for that is the unpredictable result from the plastic surgery. The statistic shows that more than 75% of men, which suspensory ligament was cut during the surgery, are unsatisfied with the enlargement results. They share that they expected more and the length increase of 0.5 - 1 cm is not enough. There are many negative follow-ups from an unsuccessful surgery like penis shrink and erectile dysfunction. If you want to regain your self-esteem there are other ways to do this without a surgery.

Natural herbal supplements and pills

The penis enlargement pills containing the right herbal ingredients can increase your libido and raise your testosterone levels. Take for example the yohimbine herb. This is an extract of the yohimbe tree bark with great aphrodisiac properties. It improves the erectile function and increases the blood flow to the penis. Another very good natural supplement for penis enlargement is the amino acid L-arginine. It is crucial for the formation of nitric oxide in the body, as well as for the development of the penis tissue. Vitamin E and B-complex are powerful antioxidants that can remove fibrosis and collagen changes of the tunica albuginea. Ginkgo biloba increases sexual desire and facilitates penile microcirculation.

As you can see the nature has created all that men need and you should consider a plastic surgery only as a last resort. If you feel that the relationship with your partner suffer from your small member, then perhaps it's best for you to seek professional help from sexual and relationship therapist.

VigRx vs ProSolution - penis pills compared

Nowadays, two of the most used penis enlargement pills are VigRx and ProSolution. It seems that their popularity continues to grow with every day and more men seek answer to the question "which penis pills are better - VigRx or ProSolution?". It's not so simple to give one clear answer, because both penis enlargement pills have qualities and aspects in which they differ. Everything depends on what you actually want to achieve, while taking the pills. Is it more penile length? Or perhaps more libido? Increased testosterone levels? Or simply the hardest possible erections? In this article we aim to present independent review about these kind of questions.

VigRx pills contain herbs designed to give you very good penis enlargement results and at the same time hard erections. ProSolution pills concentrate mainly on the enlargement effect, but you can expect increased sexual desire as well while taking them. If you want to improve your male performance in the bed and sustain longer lasting erection without premature ejaculation then VigRx pills should be your choice. ProSolution formula acts mainly on the penis tissue growth - you can expect the best possible length and girth enlargement. ProSolution pills show the fastest results from all known penis enlargement pills tested in clinical environments. So, if you don't want to wait months until your penis size improves, then now you know what to buy.

Which are the better pills when combined with penis exercises?

This is a good question, which have a clear answer - both VigRx and ProSolution show better results when combined with penis exercises. Both male enhancement products improve their overall effect by 10% when taken by men performing penis exercises (Kegel exercises or jelqing). This is so because the exercises stimulate the penile blood flow, which allows the pills to act easier and faster on the cells. If you want to speed up the penis enlargement process or improve your erection quality then making the right exercises will surely help you.