How to deal with STDs

The reality of the twenty-first century is that 40 - 50% of men will contract an STD in their lives. The most common STDs are chlamydia, herpes, and HPV (genital warts); the latter two cannot be cured but can be medically managed. Syphilis and gonorrhea can be medically treated when diagnosed early. The most highly feared STD is HIV/AIDS, which is life threatening. The good news is that STDs are now viewed as a medical problem, not a moral problem or a disease that only attacks bad people.

You need to take care of your physical and sexual body, which involves being tested and treated for STDs and preventing future STDs by practicing safer sex. Obviously, the best prevention is for both you and your partner to undergo an STD screen and HIV test and to value your monogamous relationship. However, life oft en gets in the way of these rational sexual guidelines. We suggest that couples speak to a doctor together and establish clear guidelines on how to deal with herpes or HPV on an ongoing basis, whether that means that the man has to use a condom, avoid infected areas, or avoid sexual contact when an outbreak is beginning. STDs are a reality of sex in the twenty-first century. You want to deal with this as a health issue and not let it control your self-esteem or sex life.