Cooperation with your partner

You need your partner to be your intimate and erotic friend. The cooperative, intimate, interactive approach to sexuality becomes dominant with a serious relationship and with aging. The wise man learns that an involved, aroused partner is the main aphrodisiac and learns to piggyback his arousal on hers.

Couple identity, cooperation, and intimate communication are core in implementing a psychosexual skills approach to maintaining sexual vitality and satisfaction. This means accepting that variable, flexible couple sexuality is more satisfying than male autonomous sexual performance.

The core change is sharing with the woman rather than performing for her. Men learn sex as their domain and their responsibility. The challenge is to expand your experience of sex as an equitable, mutual, pleasure-oriented, shared domain. It is a much easier adaptation for women than men. The male culture belittles this as feminizing male sexuality. This is foolishness. The equity approach to sexuality facilitates a genuine human expression of both male and female sexuality. In terms of both quality and satisfaction, intimate, interactive sex is more satisfying. Relational sex beats autonomous sex.