Prosthesis surgery postoperative follow-up

After implantation surgery, the patient is likely to experience variable levels of discomfort, with possible penile and scrotal swelling. Moderate to marked discomfort may last four to six weeks. A brief or bandage is used to hold the penis up on the lower abdomen; if the prosthesis is an inflatable, it is kept fully or partially deflated. Intercourse and use of the prosthesis is not allowed for four to six weeks, and strenuous physical activities, such as heavy lifting, vigorous exercise, and jogging, are also prohibited.

In postsurgical sessions with the treating therapist, significant issues, such as emotional reactions to the prosthesis, the appearance and size of the penis, and any anxieties about resuming sex, are discussed. The couple is encouraged to voice any concerns, uncertainties, or conflicts. Proper techniques for optimal use of the prosthesis are taught. Instructions are provided on different ways to initiate foreplay and sex and when to stop intercourse after ejaculation.

About four to six weeks following surgery, intercourse may be resumed, but without the inflation of the prosthesis. The man then meets again with the therapist, with or without his sexual partner, to evaluate overall satisfaction with the current sexual relationship, discuss any problems or difficulties that may have occurred in the resumption of intercourse, and help resolve any residual sexual difficulties or marital discord. The therapist checks the proper functioning of the prosthesis and ensures that the patient is able to operate it without difficulty. Only then, if the patient is free of pain and infection, is he allowed to inflate the prosthesis for intercourse.

Postoperative follow-up is extremely important to ensure satisfaction with a prosthesis. Depending on any concomitant sexual issues, psychotherapy may be advisable and additional sexual homework exercises may be assigned. Some individuals or couples may require several follow-up postoperative therapy sessions to attain full sexual satisfaction.