Saw palmetto herb

More than half of all men over the age of fifty experience prostate enlargement, a condition known in the medical community as benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). When the prostate gland enlarges it can partially block the urethra, leading to symptoms such as increased urinary frequency and nighttime urination. This can prove very annoying and often painful. It can also interfere with your sex life.

Modern research tells us that consuming an extract of saw palmetto helps treat health problems related to an enlarged prostate gland. A prescription drug made from saw palmetto has been used to treat BPH in Europe for years. A review of clinical trials conducted during the past two decades, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, concluded that saw palmetto worked better than a placebo to reduce urinary frequency and nighttime urination.

Saw palmetto naturally and effectively reduces prostate swelling without the side effects common to some prescription drug treatments for BPH, which can potentially decrease libido and inhibit erections in some men. Therefore, saw palmetto may be a less expensive alternative to drugs, and have less of an adverse impact on your sexual fitness.