How important is penile size to women

There is no shortage of controversy over this issue, especially in the lay press. Some women attribute great importance to penile size, whereas others say they do not care about it, evaluating the quality of their partners' sexual performance rather than their physical endowments. For the majority of women, it seems that quality matters more than quantity.

In a study from the Netherlands of 170 women asked about the importance of penile size in relation to sexual functioning, performance, and satisfaction, 20% rated length as important and 1% as very important, versus 55% who rated it as unimportant and 22% as totally unimportant. A similar trend emerged for penile girth, which was rated overall as more important than length. Although these findings cannot be generalized to all women worldwide, they may indicate that penile size is important to only the minority - albeit a substantial number - of women.

Unfortunately, many men equate penis size with manhood, virility, sexual power, physical attraction, and better performance. Many even seek penile lengthening, although their organ size is actually within medical norms. A candid discussion with his sexual partner may help to alleviate a man's anxiety regarding his self-assessed "small" penis. Furthermore, the size of a small penis in its flaccid state is usually not really indicative of its erect size, as its dimensions will generally increase during erection more than those of a large flaccid penis will.