Sexual objectification

This natural biological imperative promotes sexual objectification (vs. personalization). The male body - notably in teenagers and young adult men - appears to be biologically programmed and arousal is dependent on external sexual stimuli, especially visual stimuli. Compulsive use of pornography, infidelity, and sexual abuse are manifestations of extreme objectification. When objectification is predominant, it renders sex mechanical, performance focused, and depersonalized. Men's predisposition to focus on physical characteristics of women and sexual novelty is something that healthy men respect as natural, and they can enjoy their propensity to objectify a woman's body - breasts, butt, shape, vagina, legs, eyes, hair.

At the same time, healthy men learn to carefully regulate this energy and balance it with personal respect for women. It helps to understand the different styles of sexual arousal, especially that over-objectification of a woman's body can lead to over-dependence on partner-interaction arousal. Men fear sexual failure (e.g., erectile dysfunction) and feel sexually inadequate in the absence of novel sexual stimuli. Without understanding that there are other styles of sexual arousal, they will do what has worked in the past - objectify the female body and seek novelty. This sets off a dysfunctional pattern that demands constantly raising the ante of more and more objectification and novelty. Men are blinded to this pattern as they focus on the impulsivity of sexual excitement. When the man has learned to regulate objectification and balance his arousal, it can bring spice as well as comfort to the couple. One way to regulate the tendency to sexually objectify is to enhance the attachment feelings with your intimate partner.