The world's biggest penis

The biggest penis that is measured on earth is 2.4 m - no that is not a joke - that's the penis of the largest living animal, the blue whale. But is it the biggest penis ever to appear on earth. Not at all - the penis of the enormous dinosaurs, like Titanosaurus for example, probably reached 3.6 m when fully erect.

But what can we say about the homo sapiens? Currently the owner of the biggest penis on earth is Jonah Falcon. His male member is measured as 24 cm in length when flaccid and 34 cm when erect. But he is not the world record holder. The biggest male penis belonged to Dr. Robert Dickinson, who was gynecologist and surgeon, and writer of "Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy", published in 1949. His penis was 34 cm in length and 16 cm in circumference.

Is there going to be a new world record holder for biggest penis soon? No one knows actually. Maybe with all these penis enlargement products and penile exercise programs, the new generation will have it's star. Only the time will show who will be the man with the biggest penis on earth ever.