Food is sex

During sex, your body draws heavily on many resources: sex hormones stimulate libido, circulation increases to generate erection and genital arousal, and neurotransmitters communicate all the messages zinging around your brain. Like musicians in a band, all of the systems involved - circulatory, muscular, hormonal, neural - must work in concert to achieve the desired result, a fast-paced song of emotions and sensations. In order to ensure that your body is well tuned and ready to perform at all times you must supply it with the nutrients it needs, the instruments that make up the band. In broad terms, diet has an impact on sexual fitness in three ways:

1. Cardiovascular health

Your body requires adequate blood flow through the delicate vessels of the genital region for maximum pleasure and performance. Diet helps to keep your heart and arteries functioning properly.

2. Energy

In order for you to desire and enjoy sexual activity, you need energy. A diet high in fat and low in rich nutrients depletes your body of energy by slowing it down with junk that it can't use. A low-fat, well-balanced diet, on the other hand, can actually give you energy.

3. Nutritional building blocks

Your body needs specific amino acids, vitamins, and minerals in order to manufacture the hormones and neurotransmitters that allow you to have pleasurable sexual experiences. These nutrients, which come from the foods you eat and supplements you take, are the building blocks your body uses to generate the sexual response.