Premature ejaculation treatment

For most men, premature ejaculation (PE) management involves becoming skilled at key concepts including learning ejaculatory control as an intimate team, particularly identifying the point of ejaculatory inevitability; learning to relax your body, especially your pelvic muscles; learning self-entrancement arousal rather than being totally dependent on partner-interaction arousal; expanding your arousal continuum; reintroducing intercourse in the woman-on-top position using minimal intercourse movement at first so that your penis acclimates to being inside her vagina; and slowing down the pleasuring and intercourse process and savoring pleasurable sensations.

When PE is caused by a medical problem, your physician will work with you to treat the physical cause. For example, acquired PE caused by a prostate infection can be treated with antibiotics, and normal ejaculatory control can return. And when PE is lifelong and severe, some medications (e.g., off-label SSRI) can slow down arousal for many men. For most men, however, the issue is learning the psychosexual skills for arousal regulation.

Other treatments for PE include ejaculation control pills, a penile desensitizing cream or spray, a penile rubber ring device, Velcro testicular band, or a condom containing an analgesic (e.g., lidocane) to prevent rapid ejaculation (by diminishing the pleasurable sensations in the penis), although this approach usually does not work. Besides, it is not good strategy to undermine your pleasure and arousal to gain control. Strategies such as detailed psychosexual skills, oral medications, and couple cooperation are very helpful.