Is it possible to enlarge the penis

Since ancient times men try to find ways to enlarge their most precious organ - the penis. Nowadays there are few known penis enlargement methods, which guarantee different enlargement results. No matter if one has a small penis or just wants to make his penis larger, one can try some of the methods presented here.

Penis enlargement pills

The most effective and pleasant way, known to increase the blood flow, strengthen the male erection and increase the sperm count, are surely the penis enlargement pills. Before you buy penis pills, be sure to check their ingredients - its best for you to order only natural herbal pills, since the other can have side effects.

Penis surgery

This method is expensive and you must first consult with a doctor, who must decide if you really need surgical penile augmentation. A lot of men think that an erect penis of 12 cm is small, but that is in fact not true. The penile surgery is expensive and the results are not always great.

Penis pumps and extenders

There are enlargement devices especially designed to increase the penis size, when regularly used. A treatment with a penis enlargement device must be followed at least for 6 months, so one must have a lot of dedication and time.

Penis exercises and creams

A manual penis enlargement technique, often combined with penile creams, is a good way to strengthen the corpora cavernosa and cure from premature ejaculation. There are many websites on the net presenting penis enlargement exercises, based on the Kegel exercises for men. One needs a lot of time and endurance, usually 6 to 9 months at least.