Penis enlargement pills vs penis extenders

This article is provided for all of you who wonder, which is the better penis enlargement method - the penis enlargement pills or the male extender devices (SizeGenetics for example). The truth is that both have their own benefits - here we will sum-up all the known information, so that you can make the decision for yourself.

  • Length and girth enlargement - the penis pills can give you faster results, but they must be top quality in order for you to gain more size after an year as compared to the penis enlargement devices.
  • Harder erections - the extenders will enhance your erection quality with the time just like the penis pills. In fact the pills are better taken right before sex, while the extenders can have permanent anti impotence effects.
  • Ejaculation control - the penis devices win this one, because of their great benefits for the PC muscle, which will help you to control your orgasm timings and intensity.
  • Libido and testosterone increase - the penis enlargement pills win this one, because their natural herbs are especially selected to optimize and improve your sexual desire, and boost your testosterone levels.
  • Safety - if the penis pills and the extenders are medically approved top quality product, which has been tested on patients before, then there is nothing you should worry about.
  • Time cost - the penis pills are taken twice a day, so you loose like 3-4 minutes to prepare your glass of water. The extenders exercises depend on your daily schedule - you can use them from 10 minutes to an hour.
  • Price - if you compare the prices for six months, which give optimal results, then there is no difference at all. Maybe the extenders tend to be little more expensive, but if you plan on using them for longer time, they are definitely the better deal.

As you can see, the preferred penis enlargement method really depends on what you will choose and weather you like to exercise your penis or not. No matter what enlargement method you decide to try, be sure to always check, which are the best penis enlargement pills and devices, before buying one.

Penis enlargement awards for 2018

We are almost 2019 and it is time to announce the best penis enlargement products for 2018. Here are the winners:

The most popular male pills award goes to VigRx. It is the most ordered penis enlargement product for 2018. A lot of men reported great erection improvement, as well as nice penis growth length. VigRx are also great pills to improve the semen volume and stop the premature ejaculation. VigRx results can be seen already during the first month of usage.

The best penis enlargement award goes to ProSolution. It shows the best results for penile length and girth growth. Although it won't give you so hard erections as VigRx, it is the best enlargement pill on the online market. If you combine it with penis exercises, the results will come even faster.

We have two new male enhancement pills (MaleExtra and VitaliKor), which we hope to become used by many men in 2019. These pills will boost your sexual power, libido and virility. They will help you to achieve hard erections and better sexual performance. These pills are of course 100% herbal. Remember that brings you only the best natural pills!

How to get hard penis erections

Hard penis erection is the natural condition of experiencing enlarged and firm penis. Good examples are the erections during sleep also known as morning wood. Of course not all penile erections are hard and strong. Even if you are healthy and felling good, it's possible that sometimes your penis erections won't be as hard as you want them to be. What can be done to prevent such situations? What are the best ways to get hard on whenever you like? There are different possible solutions for achieving hard penis. Here are presented the two most popular.

Exercise your PC muscle

When you exercise your PC muscle regularly, your erections will be harder and you will have more control over the timing of your ejaculations. You will be able to faster get in the condition that manages the penile blood flow circulation. This means that you will be able to achieve erections faster and relax your PC muscle whenever you like. A lot of men make penis exercises to have hard penis, so this is something quite normal. It takes 5 minutes a day, so it is totally worth it.

Try penis enlargement pills

Even if you exercise your penis regularly, there will be still times when your libido will be low. If you want to increase your sexual desire and performance, you can try some of the popular penis enlargement pills. The best pills for hard penis are VigRx. Their herbal formula is entirely natural, so you don't have to fear of possible side effects. The VigRx pills are used by many men to enlarge their penis and get firm erections. They are not expensive and can be ordered online.

Male enhancement natural herbs

Nowadays the Western way of living is often a synonym for stress, anxiety, lack of energy and health problems. All this reflects at the sexual life and performance of the individual. A good way for enhancing one's sexual desire is to include natural herbs as part of the daily eating plan. These male enhancement herbs will successfully conquer the fatigue and you will enjoy greater libido.

The natural herbs are also the best known supplements for increasing the penis size, strengthening the erections and enhancing the male potence. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, low semen volume, premature ejaculation or you just want to enlarge your penis, then one of your best choices is to take natural herbs. They will boost your testosterone levels and increase your sexual desire. There is nothing better than the gifts of the nature. In many Eastern cultures the natural herbs are part of the peoples daily eating menu.

The best male enhancement herbs are Gingko biloba, Tribulus terestris, Panax ginseng, Saw palmetto, Damiana, Mucuna pruriens and Avena sativa. You can find many of these natural herbs as ingredients of the penis enlargement pills. If you want to feel happy about your sex life, you should definitely give them a try.