VigRx vs ProSolution - penis pills compared

Nowadays, two of the most used penis enlargement pills are VigRx and ProSolution. It seems that their popularity continues to grow with every day and more men seek answer to the question "which penis pills are better - VigRx or ProSolution?". It's not so simple to give one clear answer, because both penis enlargement pills have qualities and aspects in which they differ. Everything depends on what you actually want to achieve, while taking the pills. Is it more penile length? Or perhaps more libido? Increased testosterone levels? Or simply the hardest possible erections? In this article we aim to present independent review about these kind of questions.

VigRx pills contain herbs designed to give you very good penis enlargement results and at the same time hard erections. ProSolution pills concentrate mainly on the enlargement effect, but you can expect increased sexual desire as well while taking them. If you want to improve your male performance in the bed and sustain longer lasting erection without premature ejaculation then VigRx pills should be your choice. ProSolution formula acts mainly on the penis tissue growth - you can expect the best possible length and girth enlargement. ProSolution pills show the fastest results from all known penis enlargement pills tested in clinical environments. So, if you don't want to wait months until your penis size improves, then now you know what to buy.

Which are the better pills when combined with penis exercises?

This is a good question, which have a clear answer - both VigRx and ProSolution show better results when combined with penis exercises. Both male enhancement products improve their overall effect by 10% when taken by men performing penis exercises (Kegel exercises or jelqing). This is so because the exercises stimulate the penile blood flow, which allows the pills to act easier and faster on the cells. If you want to speed up the penis enlargement process or improve your erection quality then making the right exercises will surely help you.